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Our Philosophy


At South Jersey Health and Body, seminars and programs are offered to help those who are struggling with weight loss. Our office holds weekly weight loss seminars to teach people how to get their bodies into fat burning mode. Body wraps help clients lose up to ½ a dress or pant size, and reduce cellulite through detoxification.

Patients will receive one-on-one coaching from a personal weight-loss coach. South Jersey Health and Body provides personal trainers to their patients and create personal, individual, exercise programs for each patient. If needed, patients get calls for support in their weight-loss program. Support groups are available to help patients deal with their emotionally-based eating problems. And there are also intensive work programs for those clients that are suffering from obesity, Candida and Fibromyalgia. Since every patient is unique and has different health needs, individual weight-loss programs are therefore set up.

Patients at South Jersey Health and Body are instructed on how to exercise properly for their specific body type and start burning the fat. Livers are cleaned for weight loss and to build energy and health. Seminars are available to train your body into fat burning mode, so you can start losing weight and get into a healthy and active lifestyle.

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