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Nutritional Evalution

Do you know how many calories a day should you be eating? Are you hungry or have to starve yourself to lose weight? Do you know what times of day or how often you should be eating? I often have patients telling me that they are so excited because they now have so many great healthy food choices and can enjoy eating and feeling great at the same time! In our office, we can discuss what to eat and when to eat, based on your lifestyle. You may be a healthy eater but may not be realizing some mistakes that you are making in your diet that can put on extra weight, stress your hormones, decrease your energy and affect your sleep. We can teach you simple tips to make desirable differences in how you look and feel.

We can educate you on how to read labels properly, give you great food recipes and even show you how you can lose cravings for unhealthy foods. Rediscover what it’s like to feel energetic and healthy!


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Body Wraps

We offer detoxifying body wraps. Toxins in the body get stored in fat cells causing them to increase in size, which literally makes us fat. Toxins and waste materials also get trapped in connective tissue causing cellulite. That is why you see thin people with cellulite on their bodies. An herbal gel gets applied to the body that literally pulls out the impurities and toxins out, creating inch loss that you can see right away. Celebrities often get herbal body wraps before an award show or a movie they are filming. Do not confuse herbal wraps with water wraps, which only dehydrate you. Many salons offer these because they are inexpensive and the loss comes right back. Call now to schedule a relaxing herbal body contouring wrap for permanent inch loss and cellulite reduction. Read More …



Vitamins - South Jersey Health and Body


Did you know that only fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and animal products contain the nutrients we need? Almost everything else has no nutritional content. It is also very difficult to get enough nutrients even if you are eating a healthy diet. This is why we all need vitamins, which will lead to living a long and healthy life. The U.S.D.A. states that drug companies are allowed to add up to 50% fillers in their products and do not have to list them on the ingredients. These fillers are typically partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, magnesium sterate and titanium dioxide. The reasons for using these fillers are because they are cheaper, easier to make, are more appealing to the eye and have a longer shelf life (which equates to money). The real problem lies in how these fillers impact your health. They have been shown to cause heart problems, strokes, nervous system problems, suppress your immune system, and cause cancer and diabetes.

We carry Standard Process and Herbalogica brand vitamins and supplements. They have 0% fillers, as they are herbal and whole food based. It is very difficult to find good quality vitamins or supplements and we carry the highest quality.

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Infrared Sauna

Dr. Oz recently called these “the life extension tool”.
Instead of heating the air around you like a normal sauna, infrared rays directly heat your body tissue below the skins surface, allowing you to sweat out toxins (among other benefits) instead of indirectly heating your body like a normal sauna.

Benefits: Weight loss, detoxification, relaxation by maintaining healthy levels of cortisol, our stress hormone, pain relief by increasing circulation and speeding up oxygen flow, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, and helps purify your skins complexion, tone, texture and elasticity. Read More …


Whole Body Vibration - South Jersey Health and Body

Whole Body Vibration

A whole body vibration machine transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to relax and contract dozens of times each second. It can aid in weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, reduce cellulite, enhance blood flow, build strength and decrease stress by reducing cortisol, our stress hormone. WBV is also very easy to do making it possible for people of all fitness levels from high level athletes to people who have trouble walking due to an injury or excess weight.




Self Mastery Technology - South Jersey Health and Body

Self Mastery Technology

Self-Mastery Technology uses synchronized pulses of light and sound to deeply relax you. It promotes optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus, and memory. SMT helps focus the mind so you can finally release unwanted habits and get more of what you want out of life. This is very effective in helping people lose weight, quit smoking, improve concentration, sleep better and acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Massage - South Jersey Health and Body


Massage is known world wide for its effective results and the enormous health benefits. Relaxing and yet therapeutic, massage manipulates muscles to relieve tension and stress.